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Riding Camargue horses at the Mas Saint-Germain

Not far from Arles and Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, enjoy riding Camargue horses in a peaceful surrounding. We offer horseback outings as well as riding lessons and training courses on our home-bred Camargue horses.


Horseback outings


The activity ride lasts two hours and includes the care and preparation of the horse: we go to get the horses in the meadow, each rider brushes his horse and saddle him with our help. Then, we take you for an hour walk on our organic farm (you will enjoy walking, trotting and if you want cantering), making you discover from the inside the family operation of our structure, the crops, the activity of breeding horses and bulls Camargues, up to the very wild Étang de Vaccarès, populated with birds.

Then on the way back, each one unsaddles and rewards his horse, then brings him back to the field, taking the time for a little goodbye hug!


Rates for the 2h activity, 1h on the horse :

  • 36 € / horse
    Discount for our accommodations' guests : 34 €
    Family discount : 34 € for 3 pers., 32 € for 4 pers. or more

  • Private outing with a guide : 55 € per horse.
    -- From 2 personns. Depending upon availability of the guide --
    Ideal for an original gift for two !

Training courses, collective lessons & private lessons 


Training lessons are provided by a State qualified instructor.

We will first talk about the elements you wish to work on either in traditional or Camargue horse riding and we will assign the most appropriate horse according to your level and experience to you. Our instructor will then make you work the identified points in the schooling yard.


If you wish to relax and enjoy the beautiful surrounding nature, you can then take a tour of the Mas right after the lesson!


Riding lessons 

For riders of all levels, learn, improve, have fun or simply enjoy.


Collective riding lesson 1h : 34 €, discount 30 € for 4 lessons or more

Particular riding lesson 1h : 48 €, under availability of timeslot


Training courses 


in lessons OR in horseback riding (1 class or 1 horseback riding / day) :

  • 5 days: 140 € / person

  • 3 days: 90 € / person

   Family discount of 5%, starting 4 workshops


in class AND in horseback riding (1 class and 1 horseback riding / day) :

  • 5 days: 260 € / person

  • 3 days: 165 € / person

   Family discount of 5%, starting 4 workshops


Going further:

Preparation and French equestrian exams of the “Galop”: from the 5 x 2h course, contact Laure on or 06 16 92 34 98.




Merge with the authentic Camargue... 


Discovery of the work of the Gardian (Camargue herdsman in english) in the Camargue cattle:

Come and discover the gardian's work. Accompanied by several professionals of cattle sorting, you will learn to handle on your horse the herd of young Camargue cows of the Mas. We will talk about the different categories of bulls (“cocardiers”: beribboned bulls used in Camargue-style bull-running, heifers, “simbeu”, etc.) and we will transmit you how to: locate the chosen animal, position yourself and anticipate the herd's movements.

You will start by handling the most docile bulls and, if your level allows it, you can continue with the young cows (alone or with our help).

2h30 to 3h activity: 95 € / person, requires to be an experienced rider (minimum 3 gallop equivalent), not accessible to children.



Our horsebreeding farm

At Mas Saint Germain, our herd includes more than forty horses, including mounts (for working bulls), mares, foals, stallions, old horses and horses for the horse-riding school.

The Camargue horse is gentle and has a big heart. His tolerance and flexibility allow him to be used for leisure riding and for equestrian tourism for all levels, confirmed as totally beginners, including the youngest (from 6 years). Before enjoying a peaceful retirement, our "pre-retirement" horses are only used for the youngest children. Gifted with a calm and a kindness without equal, you will be able, worry-free, to enrol your young children to the horseback riding. Our state-certified instructor will guide you and can also hold your child's horse during the ride. 

A big thank you to our horses for being so kind!

Book or get information on the horseback activities

Please make contact with Laura through this form, for all information or booking of activities with horses.


Tél.: +33 616 923 498



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